The Technology of Notebook i5

Notebook i5The Notebook i5 technology is a technology that has allowed the computer processing power to enter into a new generation. With ever growing requirements for high end and faster computing, scientist discovered this new way of placing 5 core processors in a special way to amalgamate the processing power and the Notebook i5technology was born. The gestation of the i5 notebook technology was further incorporated into the dell and hp notebooks i5 series called Inspiron and pavilion respectively. These two brands are known very well to today’s customers due to their innovative computers. Toshiba has the further recognition of making the first ever laptop or bringing portable computing to the human race which is a big honor.

Notebook i5 contains 5 cores of processor. They are the best example of multitasking due to their two cores.5 core laptops have a very high efficiency as  they work in parallel manner and divide the load given by the user thus providing high efficiency and optimization of resources vested in the processor. The boost in performance is most likely to be seen when running very heavy software like technical design software, heavy graphics game and antivirus. As parallel operation of cores will help the control unit to manage tasks more easily as compared to single core PC.

They also offer high performances when we talk about low energy applications. Such as mobile phone batteries and laptop batteries as less energy is consumed overall thus making it a very high energy efficient system. Dual core laptops are pretty economical as they are available everywhere in cheap rates.

We can safely assume that multiple core technology like dual core laptops is the next big thing in the current computing world. The architecture and organization of dual core laptops is pretty amazing. It’s like carrying a very fast computer everywhere with you.Acer, Toshiba, Sony, HP, Dell, Hitachi etc are some high profile companies manufacturing sleek and stylish dual core laptops and they are easily available around the globe so all you need is to set your mind, take out your check book, go to a nearby laptop shop and buy this amazing thing called dual core laptopThe Technology of Dual Core Laptop. Read more ... » of any vendor that you like and gear up for the ultimate computing experience i.e. parallel computing that is the heart and soul of modern computers like notebook i5.

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